认识一个蒙台梭利家庭 - 澳大利亚的蒂法尼

    Today, I'm delighted to introduce you to Tiffany from@Inspire.learn.teach在Instagram上. She is a full time working teacher and her husband is full-time daddy at home. They are 100% committed to educate their daughter in the best way they can. And it shows through their observation, reflection and full of information posts they share online.




    We currently live in Queensland, Australia and love living in our sunny corner of the world. Yet can not wait to continue our travels further afield, since birth Little Ninja has already explored parts of Europe and next on her list is Germany and Scotland … and Yorkshire!

    Day to day, I am a teacher and working full time while hubby is a full-time university student and the most amazing a stay at home dad and Insta dad taking most pictures for me!





    So many, but slowly and we are still working on it. Our first change was realising the importance of the prepared environment, we donated and removed so many toys from the play space. We cut down the toys to only ones with a single focus and now limit what is on our shelves.



    No there isn’t but I have been very selective since cleaning out the play space. We DIY what we can and if there is a real life substitute we use that. The biggest pitfall here is that there are now so many items branded ‘Montessori’ that don’t fit within the philosophy nor were created my Maria Montessori, so just because they use the term, it doesn’t mean it suits the philosophy and just because it suits the philosophy doesn’t make it right for your child. With materials, I always remind myself that Montessori was attempting to recreate the home within a school environment, therefore if our days are filled with daily, practical life there is not ‘set’ materials that we need.

    Talking about “materials”, what would be your must have items?

    For me the MUST haves are anything that allow your child to access daily life and meet their self care needs. For use that has been the myriad of stools all around the house, allowing for access to the kitchen, the bathroom sinks and most importantly the fridge!







    Regardless of what we decide, we will continue Montessori within the home. To do this we will do three key things

    • Respect her voice within the house by following her led in play and learning and including her in decision making
    • 通过准备好的环境来建立她的独立性,使她能够参加家庭生活
    • 为学习提供实用的生活活动,并积极参与家庭日常生活。



    What would be your tips for a parent who has just discovered Montessori?


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    卡琳·罗宾(Carine Robin)拥有心理学硕士学位,专门研究儿童心理学。在2006年移居爱尔兰之前,她曾在比利时的各种社会服务部门工作。在那里,她开始在托儿所工作并发现了蒙特梭利教育。在生了第一个孩子之后,她对哲学的热情增长了,她成为蒙台梭利老师,并获得了学前班。卡琳(Carine)经营着一个蒙台梭利的父母和蹒跚学步的小组,并指导家庭教练已有9年了。她现在还为14000多名父母经营一个在线小组,与来自世界各地的人们分享了她的知识和热情。在2018年,卡琳(Carine)意识到家庭需要更多的支持,并推出了她受欢迎的在线育儿课程和每月订阅盒,其中包含个人设计的蒙台梭利材料。